Meet Alex Ramel, Washington's candidate for State Representative in the 40th District.

It’s time to plan for Washington’s future.

My name is Alex Ramel. I’m running for Washington State’s 40th legislative district.

You may not know me, yet. I’ve spent most of my working life behind the scenes -- helping write legislation, organizing campaigns and building coalitions to fight the worst polluters in our world.

I’m so proud to have had the opportunity work hard in ways that reflect progressive values of Washington State. These values and our shared future is why I am running to be your State Representative.

Global climate change is our top priority. As a single parent, I am driven by the idea that it is my responsibility to ensure a safer, better future for my son. When I had the opportunity to serve as Program Director with a local non-profit, I led the development of the Community Energy Challenge. This program creates living-wage jobs, saves thousands of dollars for families living in older homes and creates opportunity for small businesses throughout Whatcom, Skagit, Island and San Juan Counties.

Housing is a matter of justice. As President of the board of Kulshan Community Land Trust, I worked hard to make homes affordable. As an owner of a Kulshan house, my son and I experienced first-hand how important affordable housing programs are to creating opportunity for our working people and families.

Our futures are all linked. As a community organizer, I’m known for finding common ground and building coalitions. I’ve worked to build trust and collaboration between environmentalist organizations and the workers at oil refineries; today we are working together to raise our mutual concerns about environmental impacts and workplace safety.

And I am ready to do more. With my experience and your help, I will carry the shared values of the 40th district to Olympia. Together we will make Washington State a national leader in working for a better future.

With gratitude,

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Alex Ramel and Liz Lovett

A History of Service in the Community

When I was President of the board of Kulshan Community Land Trust, I worked hard to make homes affordable. When we built Matthei Place, I was responsible for making sure the project budget worked. So I know first hand how important state funding is. But now, that funding has been tangled up in the budget infighting we’ve seen in Olympia. We need to bring the Washington Housing Trust Fund back to its pre-recession level and make more homes affordable for the people who live and work here.

I will work to make sure that the State is a full partner in solving the housing crisis that is hurting so many people.

Bringing New Energy

We need elected officials  who will act with urgency on the most serious challenges facing our state. That’s what I’ve done my whole adult life.  

As a manager at a local non-profit, that’s exactly what I did with the Community Energy Challenge—I brought together local governments, small businesses, contractors, non-profits, and state and federal agencies to make one of the most effective energy efficiency upgrade programs in the country.

We cut pollution while making small businesses more cost effective and homes more comfortable and affordable. We also created dozens of new jobs at prevailing wages—real living wages.


Alex and Alden Ramel

Planning for the Future

At the end of last summer, BC had the worst fire season on record and fires burned here in the Chuckanuts too. Industrial pollution is changing the climate. The sky over our home turned grey with smoke for days and light came through red, and my son got a respiratory infection. I listened to him cough in the night for more than a month. It is unbelievably terrible to know that your child is having trouble breathing.

I am running for office because our kids need us to act to protect the world we are going to leave to them. They need us to act with the urgency called for by the serious challenges facing Washington state.  


"I endorse Alex Ramel for State Representative because I know Alex is a listener and a collaborative leader."

— Stephanie Buffum, Shaw Island