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Organizational Endorsements

United Steelworkers Local 12-591
Skagit Democrats
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Our Revolution
Washington House Alliance Action Fund
SEIU Local 1199NW
SEIU Local 925
Young Democrats of Skagit County



NARAL Pro-Choice Washington

Certified 100% Pro-Choice Candidate


Individual Endorsements

Andrea Doll Name Only.png

"Alex listens well. It's one of the most important qualities in a representative and it's uncommon. I trust his ability to find compromises and agreement, and to understand complex problems, because he listens and because of his integrity."

Michael Name Only.jpg

"Alex works for the best outcomes for everyone. His steadfast support for other progressive candidates--myself included-- is evidence collaborative leaderships we need. Alex knows how to build coalitions."


"Alex Ramel perfectly exemplifies the kind of legislator we badly need. He's responsive to local needs, yet deeply aware of the larger environmental crisis; he's committed and bold, but skilled at building partnerships and talking through differences."


"Alex is a pragmatist and a coalition builder. And that has real value in the partisan world. He's respectful of differences without giving up his own beliefs. He means what he says, and says what he means."

Iris Carias Name Only.png

"We are in an affordable housing crisis. We need a housing champion like Alex to be our next Representative in the 40th district."

Seth Name Only.jpg

"I don't think there is anyone I know who is more steadfastly committed to implementing a progressive vision for our community than Alex Ramel. He's hard working, energetic and trustworthy."


"I have had the pleasure of working with Alex for several years on the Blue-Green Alliance, partnering labor and environmental issues for the common good. I have found him to be thoughtful, well prepared, and ready to solve our most pressing challenges. He will be a fantastic addition to the legislature."

Stephanie Buffum

"I endorse Alex Ramel for State Representative because I know Alex is a listener and collaborative leader."

Ray Niver Name Only.png

"I've known Alex for about a decade and we've worked together on a number of projects. He's thoughtful, deliberate and a coalition builder."

Chuckanut Builders

"Having worked with Alex on non-profit boards and advisory committees, we've found that he understands and cares about the challenges and needs of small business owners. His commitment to the community and planet are both inspiring and beneficial for us all."

Todd Donovan

"Alex has shown his dedication to progressive change with more than a decade of dedication to making sure strong local leaders get elected. He's brought teams together so that the whole slate can win. He's collaborative, strategic and hard working. I wouldn't bet against him."

Boyd and Lovel Pratt

"Alex is a team builder. He brings people together to solve big problems. He's effective. That makes him the best candidate to tackle our affordable housing crisis, ensure quality education for our children, and the best candidate to protect the Salish Sea."

Katie Fleming

"If you care about climate action and our environment, value social justice, are a parent or grandparent who wants a good future for the children you love, and a person who wants a true, honest progressive in our state government – vote for Alex." 

John Geyman

"Quality healthcare is a human right. We need elected officials like Alex Ramel at all levels of government who will work to make sure everyone has coverage and access to medicine."

Carolyn Gastellum

“As a retired teacher from Mount Vernon schools, I look for candidates who will be reliable, inspiring role models. Alex is thoughtful, ethical and exceptionally capable. He will work hard to fully fund education and places a priority on his own responsibilities as a father.”



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